Welcome to the Walking Access Mapping System feedback forum! 

We want your feedback!

The Commission is about to undertake significant developments of our mapping system. Our aim is to provide accurate and relevant public access mapping information on a range of devices and for a range of user-specific needs. We want to clearly understand what users want from WAMS.

The new products will retain the best bits of the current desktop viewer plus new functionality, availability of a range of platforms, and new mapping services.

The team at the Commission is also interested in hearing your thoughts face-to-face. If you are interested in this possibility please contact us with your name and the name of your closest town or city. Note that dates of any meetings are yet to be decided.

We will maintain this forum site throughout the WAMS development programme and seek your advice in two phases. Firstly, we need your thoughts on ‘where to from here?’ What functionalities, services and platform availability do you want from WAMS now?

Secondly, as new services are developed, we will seek your ongoing feedback to tweak and improve services as they are rolled out.

Thank you in advance.